Hey, you.

I’m Mia and I love all things digital marketing. Also Portland.

I’m constantly trying to learn more in everything from SEO to branding to social media to user experience. I’m a Junior Communication Studies major, minoring in Internet Entrepreneurship with an emphasis in Marketing and Design. Basically this means I like to tell good stories and package them well. And then take an aerial Instagram shot and VSCOcam filter it.

Right now I work for Michael Cottam, who is pretty cool because:

  • he ranks #1 on google for the phrase “Independent SEO Consultant” (try it. you know you want to.)
  • he’s a Panda optimization god and did a Whiteboard Friday for Moz on it (!!!)
  • he lets me work from home in my pj’s and gives me the freedom to do fun projects like blog for his side company, Visual Itineraries about stuff like the top 5 honeymoon disasters to avoid because you should really be watching out for that.

I play the piano and sporadically watercolor paint for therapy, and I love adventuring in the Pacific Northwest because I’m blessed to live in one of the prettiest places on earth. Currently, I am obsessed with reading food blogs and making glorious creations in the kitchen, usually something Asian-inspired. I love Asian food like none other. I just really like food in general. Yeah, I’ll just go ahead and say food is a pretty important part of my life. I really wish I could say I was an avid runner to balance out my gluttony, but so far that’s been an unrealized dream…

One of my biggest bragging rights is my superhuman efficiency under tight deadlines and my ability to maintain a high-functioning existence under extreme sleep deprivation.

(Maybe it’s caffeine. Maybe it’s Maybelline. Or in my case, both.)

You could characterize me by authenticity, vivacity, and a whole lot of hustle.

New relationships and fresh experiences never cease to inspire me, and I’m always intrigued in taking on more challenges. This leads to many sleepless nights, which I often live-tweet. I’m not really selling myself here, am I? Okay. Well. If you like following trends in the digital marketing world or want to keep up with someone really cool and incisively witty, let’s be friends. I like you already.

mia. and flowers.

fun fact: I got these flowers at a little day market in France where I tried to buy them utilizing my broken French 101 and ended up just awkwardly gesturing in order to communicate with the sweet old lady selling them. she was very patient.