Hi, I’m Mia! I’m a twenty-something Portlander who is still learning this adulting thing but definitely feels like sharing my thoughts and #content on the internet is the way to go. This would be a food blog, except I don’t really come up with original recipes other than to clean out my fridge. It’d be an outdoorsy photo compilation, except my photography is pretttty mediocre. It’d be an interior design feed, except my experience lies in online shopping for exactly one attic with a lot of plants and candles. So instead of one thing, you get it all, lucky duck! Call it a lack of scope and purpose, call it a “millennial lifestyle” blog, call it a desperate plea for more internet followers…either way, hope you like hastily assembled food & cute plants & stuff!

For inquiries, compliments, and hate mail, contact me below or just slide into my DM’s (@acaucasianasian across the board).