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Tumblr Greats: Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream


Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams: Brittons Royal Mixers


Earlier, I referenced Tumblr as a great possible social media outlet for companies to promote their brand and message. Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams has gone above and beyond.

They’ve used it to establish their brand voice and post much more in-depth about the craft and creativity that goes into their ice cream. And IT LOOKS GOOD. (I’ve got my eye on you, Black Coffee. oh baby.) Everything from updates about company lunches, new merch releases, to snapshots of what’s going on in the kitchen–all in gorgeous full-size pictures. I found them through Tumblr’s featured blog list (the holy grail of Tumblr, basically) and already love what they’re about even though I’ve never tried their stuff. That’s how good their posts are. (Although if anyone’s looking for a Valentine’s Day present, they deliver in all states and ship right to your door. Hint.)

Check it. They’ve got a good thing goin’ on.



Mobile Marketing Spotlight: Gap

Now that Gap has been sufficiently made fun of for its logo redesign disaster a couple years back, let’s take a moment to praise the brand for something it’s doing right: mobile marketing! It’s another hot-button digital marketing topic but one that brands are still figuring out how to do effectively. If Gap’s move a couple months ago is any indicator, it looks like they’re on the right track.

Gap recently bought out all of Tumblr’s mobile ads for a day (which had never been done before, FYI) in order to kickstart its fall “Back to Blue” campaign. First, the company asked Tumblr bloggers to create original content of what blue meant to them, which already shows savvy and know-how on Gap’s part when it comes to using different campaigns for different social media outlets. The icing on the cake, however, is that the brand picked its four favorite submissions to be featured in all of Tumblr’s mobile ads on August 29. Talk about a smart monopoly!

The global director of digital and social media at Gap, Rachel Tipograph, told Mashable how Gap was essentially using the Tumblr community as a creative agency in its own accord:

“Pop culture doesn’t really start on TV anymore. Pop culture starts on the Internet. When you think about what community is creating pop culture on the Internet, it’s Tumblr. We wanted to partner with the best content creators, give them a chance to make the Back to Blue brief, and then take the best pieces of content and turn them into mobile ads.”

All I can say is…keep up the good work. You go, Gap.

Digital Marketing Spotlight: Kate Spade New York

As I’ve been searching for inspiration to learn digital marketing strategy from, I found many different approaches—all good, but for different audiences and purposes. One brand that I constantly go back to is Kate Spade New York—their social media team is incredible, and it shows in the quality of work they post. I’ve always respected them for their catchy, lively Instagram feed, and it turns out there’s a lot of thought behind it.

In Mashable’s interview with Kate Spade’s CEO, Craig Leavitt, he explains their new take on social media:

“Social media is an integral part of how we look at our marketing and communications and consumer outreach, it’s part of our thinking every single day. We have young people who live and breathe social media and are immersed in it every minute of every day. We allow them to lead and trust them in this space.  We are really fortunate that we had already developed an authentic voice and persona for our brand. The Kate Spade girl aspires to lead an interesting life — to engage in the arts and literature and travel and adventure. We talk about those things on social media because that’s who she is, and she wants to hear about what her peers are doing. It feels very very natural for us.”

Rather than simply touting their own brand, Kate Spade has managed to create an entire lifestyle around their products and the persona of the Kate Spade girl: “quick and curious and playful and strong,” reads the Instagram biography. It beams of creativity and liveliness and energy and calls for followers to join in the lifestyle.

Delving into more specific details, Kate Spade also uses each channel for specific purposes, as highlighted in Oak Interactive’s gush piece on them in February of this year. Most intriguing to me are their Twitter and Instagram feeds:

“On Twitter… the tone is more conversational and playful, but still represents the Kate Spade brand. Hashtags are often used to promote a current line, like #artofthedot, or #livecolorfully, a key tagline. Plenty of conversation starters, check-ins, and updates give Twitter followers a little bit of fun throughout the day. Kate Spade uses Instagram to highlight merchandise, the office, events, and fun graphic details in different environments. There is a more personal feel to these images that you don’t get from the other social media channels.”

Andrew Kyle, Kate Spade’s SVP of Marketing, backs this up. In an April 2012 article with Business Insider, he mentioned how when experimenting with Instagram, followers seemed to really appreciate the candid snapshots of the company, as opposed to directly-marketed-to approached:

“We started putting photos on Instagram of fun drinks or cupcakes we had at office parties, and our customers love that. They just want to be a part of it.”

What a fantastic example of inbound marketing! Instead of using social media as another platform to push their products and interrupt their users, KSNY chooses to draw users in to them with beautiful, engaging, fun content that makes them want to live the Kate Spade lifestyle. GENIUS.

This is my dream job right here, guys. Just saying.

Rosetta Marketing: Where It’s At

Recently some alumni from my school (Grove City College) who went on to work for Rosetta visited to recruit for internships & full-time positions in the company, with a couple guest speaking in my Digital Marketing class. For those of you who don’t know, Rosetta (not to be confused with Rosetta Stone, the language-learning software provider) is an interactive marketing agency that provides a wide range of services ranging from designing an interactive user strategy to analyzing SEO success metrics for a number of A-list clients like Sperry, OfficeMax, and JoAnn Fabrics. They’re a well-oiled machine going great places, especially following their recent merger with Publicis and an announced plan to aggressively pursue commerce in the global market.

Rosetta focuses on providing solutions to underlying problems in order to reach long-term client success; they value their clients and will go the extra mile to maintain a positive relationship. Each client has its unique needs and thus requires unique solutions; Rosetta recognizes this and makes strides to discover these differentiators and use them to their advantage. They use the process of “Identify, Engage, Activate, and Build” to build profitable relationships throughout different channels (mobile commerce, anyone?), which is what’s behind the company’s marked success.

I’ve had the privilege to meet with a few of Rosetta’s alumni and can say I’ve only been more impressed with the company’s innovation, work ethic (they tout the saying “Work Hard, Play Hard” as one of their driving motivators), and culture as I continue to learn more about what they’re doing. Also, they have free vending machines, which is pretty nifty. You can see what they’re up to here!