Millennials: We Suck But We’re Also Marketable











Literally, the internet was commercialized the year I was born (1995) so naturally I was just meant to be addicted to twitter and googling all my questions instead of actually consulting a tangible reference.

Sue me.

There’s been a lot of buzz circulating about how millennials are narcissistic, self-centered, vapid (new fav word?) little snots who feel self-entitled to everything without actually wanting to invest any of the hard work and commitment required to go there. While I’m not denying this truth (anyone want to take my finals for me? anyone?), I am here, dear ones, to inform you about the marketable benefits of being a millennial. That’s right! We don’t suck all the time! Ready? Here we go:

1. While being born in the digital age means we are glued to our phones/tablets/laptops sometimes all the time, it also means we’re the most savvy and intuitive when it comes to all things digital. Need to know how to market to the up-and-coming generation? We are literally exactly who you’re looking for. Need to come up with effective social media strategies? We live and breathe it. Need help figuring out Netflix? Call me. It’s like asking a native Chinese speaker to translate for you instead of someone who took a couple classes for their expertise. Millennials innately and intuitively know.

2. We’re super efficient! Granted, we may be lazy butts who balk at the thought of an 8-hour workday. But that just means we find innovative new ways to achieve the desired results with the least effort possible. We’re bright and we’re lazy and we’re damn well efficient at getting stuff done in the least amount of time. Streamlining, yo.

3. We are so lovably self-expressive. When it comes to the digital age, differentiation is key. And we are literally so great at championing our own strong points and packaging ourselves in the best possible light that chances are we can do the same for you! It’s the time to stand out from the pack and do your own thing–and we’re shamelessly proud about it. We can use our incredibly narcissistic worldview to help you rock whatever it is you do best. Most likely it’ll end with creative new approaches and a stronger brand identity. Who doesn’t want a stronger brand identity?

I’ll leave you lovelies with this gem:


Love and Participation Trophies,




  1. We don’t necessarily suck, we’re just brought up in a new age where we can be lazy successful people. And who’s to blame for that? The last generation who invented the devil of the internet. Being marketable is key, and we’re pretty good at it. embrace the suck.

  2. I don’t know that we are so marketable, though. I think our tech abilities do create a type of marketability for us, but I think it can also hurt us. Because we are so obsessed with technology, we think we are experts on it. I mentioned in one of my posts how many business execs don’t like our generations sense of entitlement when it comes to the digital sphere. We think because we grew up in it we know everything about it, and are therefore positioned to run a companies social media department. I think we have a lot of skills since we grew up with the web, I think we just need to be wise about how we use and develop them.

    • DAVE. I really like this comment. Really thoughtful. And also describes me to a T hahaha. For sure, we definitely feel entitled to all things digital because we grew up in this age. In a way, though, I feel it’s at least somewhat warranted. We really do intuitively have a better grasp of it than older generations. Now that doesn’t go to say we don’t have a lot to learn when it comes to handling them well, but I think we at least get some credit!

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