Mobile Marketing Spotlight: Gap

Now that Gap has been sufficiently made fun of for its logo redesign disaster a couple years back, let’s take a moment to praise the brand for something it’s doing right: mobile marketing! It’s another hot-button digital marketing topic but one that brands are still figuring out how to do effectively. If Gap’s move a couple months ago is any indicator, it looks like they’re on the right track.

Gap recently bought out all of Tumblr’s mobile ads for a day (which had never been done before, FYI) in order to kickstart its fall “Back to Blue” campaign. First, the company asked Tumblr bloggers to create original content of what blue meant to them, which already shows savvy and know-how on Gap’s part when it comes to using different campaigns for different social media outlets. The icing on the cake, however, is that the brand picked its four favorite submissions to be featured in all of Tumblr’s mobile ads on August 29. Talk about a smart monopoly!

The global director of digital and social media at Gap, Rachel Tipograph, told Mashable how Gap was essentially using the Tumblr community as a creative agency in its own accord:

“Pop culture doesn’t really start on TV anymore. Pop culture starts on the Internet. When you think about what community is creating pop culture on the Internet, it’s Tumblr. We wanted to partner with the best content creators, give them a chance to make the Back to Blue brief, and then take the best pieces of content and turn them into mobile ads.”

All I can say is…keep up the good work. You go, Gap.


  1. Great post! I have not heard of Gap using Tumblr in their digital marketing. I liked your point on how Gap took the time to choose the correct social media platform for their campaign. Gap is a great example of digital marketing that inspires customer creativity with the brand.

  2. Really like the post. It definitely sounds like Gap knows what they are doing. Marketing with social media can be very tricky but when done correctly it can produce great things. As you said. You go, Gap.

  3. WOW, finally a company who is utilizing the ‘proper’ social media for their brand. its amazing how many companies are using the wrong social media site to reach their target market in today’s digital world. GAP proved they knew how to reach the audience they desired through this tumblr. take over, props to GAP and hopefully others will follow the example!

  4. This is really interesting! I never heard of Gap’s logo change. I think it’s very effective when a company gets the public involved like Gap got these bloggers involved. In the general public, there is usually people who want to use their creativity, especially in a contest. And, submissions and contests can be pulled off so easily with the web. Plus, it was probably less work for the advertisers at Gap so it’s a win-win situation.

  5. I think its great that Gap is pursuing more mobile marketing. I think mobile advertising, in particular, offers a lot of promise if it is done right. Gap seems to finding ways to create mobile ads that are not only relevant, but not annoying (a problem most mobile advertisers run into). Having consumers themselves create ads is also a fantastic way to get people excited about the ads, as well as the brand! Good for Gap, they certainly needed a marketing boost.

  6. Wow! Gap definitely engaged in a successful re-tuning effort, hmm? That is really exciting to hear that brands can do a 180 degree turn much more easily now than they could in the past because of the web and social media. Engaging consumers is key.

  7. It is great to see a company that has failed miserably in their digital marketing to make a strong comeback. Gap has also had some twitter failures over Hurricane Sandy too. It is great to see that companies are taking their digital marketing seriously and understand that it is massively important. Great post.

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