Ode to Southwest Airlines

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Oh, Southwest. How I love you so. This airline has seen me through thick and thin. I live in Portland, OR and go to school in Grove City, PA–so needless to say, there’s a lot of flying back and forth that happens. And Southwest, from its dirt-cheap (relatively speaking) flights to its customer service, has got it DOWN. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

1. TWO FREE CHECKED BAGS. As a cross-continental-US commuting college girl, this is huge. I still have to prioritize which heels I’ll have to leave behind (usually ending in just deciding to wear the pair in question to the airport paired with yoga pants because committing a fashion faux pas is better than abandoning a best friend). I still have to weigh and re-pack my bags multiple times to make sure they’re not over 50 pounds. I still stuff my carry-on like a greedy chipmunk. But the 2 free bags has saved me so much grief and out-of-pocket cash over the multiple trips back and forth. And for that, Southwest, I am forever grateful.

2. You can switch flights with no fees. SUPER helpful when plans keep changing on the go. They also go above and beyond to try and help you out. Once I had to “undo” a flight change a couple days after it was made and the fares of my initial flight had since gone up. The stakes were high: it determined whether or not I was able to see my then-boyfriend before school started. Though their typical policy only allows for those “whoops my b” undos within 24 hours, they chose to honor it anyways because they’re just cool like that. The guy and I have since parted ways, but Southwest and I are still going steady.

3. Their sense of humor is ON. POINT. The flight attendants always switch up the routine rule-reciting with some wisecrack or another and their sassiness always makes the whole hassle of flying that much more enjoyable.

By definition, without any gimmicks, Southwest is demonstrating a great marketing concept–just provide customers with what they want–good “content,” if you will–and the profit will follow. For me, every positive experience with them only solidifies my brand loyalty–and good for them, because I’ve got 2 and a half years of school left and a helluva lot more flying to do.


P.S. they also are very generous with snacks and even provide ritz bits cheese sandwich crackers which is enough for me

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