Social Media Spotlight: Tumblr

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest…what do you think of when you think social media? Tumblr’s not quite as mainstream a choice for businesses when it comes to promoting via social media, but the often-overlooked platform has far reach and diverse skillset when it comes to professional use. Since digital marketing is all about authenticity (as opposed to the spin of a carefully-worded message), Tumblr provides businesses and brands the ideal outlet to connect with their users in a much less contrived environment. Think the length and purpose of blogging, only with more pretty pictures and much more real-time interaction and updates. Who even reads blogs anymore, anyways?

………….Ahem. As I was saying. One of Tumblr’s best features is the reblog button, or essentially the equivalent of a retweet. Pretty self-explanatory. But here’s the DL for the those truly stuck in the stone ages: if you like a post enough, you click a button and forward the entire post on to your followers for their personal enjoyment, much like those emotionally-manipulative hotmail chains that threatened the health and goodwill of your loved ones if you didn’t pass it on to your 12 best friends. A reblog, along with likes and comments, all add to your total “notes” on a post, much like retweeting and favoriting on Twitter. The more notes you garner on a post and followers you gain, the more Tumblr-famous you become. If you ever wanted to measure your popularity and feel subsequently insecure about yourself, Tumblr’s a great way to do it. (I’m not bitter or anything, I swear.)

Still not convinced? My shining review just isn’t cutting it for you? FINE. These stats don’t lie:

  • Tumblr reaches a huge youth market, so it’s gold for One Direction’s Content Marketers brands trying to attract critically-thinking-compromised tweens/teens
  • It’s grown 74% in 2013 (Twitter and LinkedIn “only” saw 40%)
  • An average Tumblr visit is 14 minutes (longer than Facebook)–perfect for more in-depth content
  • US users alone: 41,250,000
  • It’s the 5th-most-visited site in the US

…sooooo you really want to get on it, kids. Whether you just reblog a lot of music-related stuff or write poetry and take great pictures, test it out and be familiar with it now because brands are starting to take note.

And also as a bonus: the tumblr culture is really hilarious and deserves to be appreciated.




  1. Great post about tumblr. Im not a user myself, but I like when people highlight sites other than the ever so popular twitter and facebook. In fact, a lot of the popular social media sites arent the right avenue for some companies. Tumblr can be a great place for companies to advertise depending on their product and their marketing strategy. More companies should definitely look at tumblr.

    • Yes! I’m rather new to Tumblr too so I’m still figuring it out but I’m loving what I see. Soon I think it’s going to become a must-have for brands like Twitter has become.

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