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Chances are, you’ve seen your facebook friends post captioned comics featuring characters that looked surprisingly similar to them. These addicting little cartoons are brought to you by Bitstrip, which allows you to pick characters, scenes, props, and captions and customize them to your easily-delighted heart’s content. No, really, that’s all it is. And people freaking love it. Hell, I love it. I spent an hour just figuring out how to layer objects and creating my persona, which is reminiscent of Nintendo Wii’s create-your-own-Mii craze. It’s addictively specific–everything from face shape and pupil size to eyebrow arch and body type is customizable.

Once you’ve got your character set up, you can go back and change details (including clothing or accessories) anytime you want. The gold, though, is in picking from their vast variety of scenes and situations and hand-tailoring it to fit your life. It’s like Neopets or Webkinz (shoutout to all my fellow virtual pet owners of the early 2000’s)…but for grownups. YES PLEASE.

It’s also a great moneymaker, too. Yesterday it had its first round of fundraising, garnering $3 million from Asia’s wealthiest man. Not bad, Bitstrip. Not bad. It’s also seen 30 million avatars made in these past two months alone! Needless to say, they’re blooming. And I’m all too happy to hop on the bandwagon because it’s freaking fun.

So if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be squandering my lunch break creating a pointlessly hilarious and oddly specific comic, tyvm.




  1. This is too funny. I have seen several of these bitstrips and just figured that people were suppressing their inner cartoonist – until recently… This is great! Now I have an excellent and creative way to waste time and build (write, create, assemble?) a comic book. Fantastic.

    • Thanks Ryan! I was wondering what they were too and was super impressed with the detail haha. Definitely play around with it. so much fun.

    • Yes! There’s a desktop site, a facebook app, and phone apps. They’re all slightly different but I’d recommend the facebook app to save the most time setting up + picking scenes out.

  2. Mia, thanks for talking about Bitstrip. Such a unique social media application. It will be interesting to see if companies and brands start engaging with customers through Bitstrip!

    • I didn’t even consider that! Great point. It’d be hilarious if brands started using Bitstrip to promote themselves. I for one would love it.

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